Royal Family Shadows Edit

Isithrarith Anioth: Prince Maximus Bane / Bane's Shadow

Delsin (?): Prince Uriah's / Underling's Shadow


Noblemen Shadows Edit

Deveraux Family Edit

Deseray Lemaire (f. Sister to Élise Lemaire): Chancellor Deveraux's Shadow

John Kirsi (m. Married to Maija Kirsi): Lady Deveraux's Shadow

Maija Kirsi (f. Married to John Kirsi): Charlotte Deveraux's Shadow

Páll Johnsson (m.): Alexander Deveraux's Shadow

Björn Steffánson (m.): Eli Deveraux's Shadow

Jakkar Siand (m.): Lord Mazaran's Shadow

Élise Lemaire (f. Sister to Deseray Lemaire): Lady Mazaran's Shadow

Hesekiel Tähiten (m.): Lord Servatti's Shadow

Frieda Ackermann (f.): Lady Servatti's Shadow

Rin Ito (f.): Lady Vittoria Wester's Shadow (Vittoria and Katarine are sisters)

Emma Frost (f. René's fiancé): Lady Katarine Wester's Shadow

Enzo Abatan (m.): Lord Angus McRae's Shadow

René Richilieu (m.): Lord Bourne's Shadow

Desmond McConnell (m.): Lord Dmitry Romanov's Shadow


Deceased Shadows Edit

Jarek Stanimir (m.): formerly Chancellor Deveraux Shadow

Martyn Rees (m.): formerly Prince Uriah / Underling's Shadow

Thomas Hawthorne (m.): formerly Prince Uriah / Underling's Shadow

Marilena Airó (f.): formerly Prince Uriah / Underling's Shadow

Hanoko Inoue (f.): formerly Lord Bourne's Shadow

Douglas Munroe (m.): formerly Lord Mazaran's Shadow

Scottie Mac Niéll (m.): formerly Lord Servattii's Shadow


Rijagos: The Citadel--Headquarters


Founded in 898 by The Vlasky Twins or The Shadow Twins, at the beginning of the Reché War, whe served the first ruler of the Ezrae Dynasty, King Magyar Ezrae.


Influential EventsEdit

The Reché War (898-920)

Founding by the Shadow Twins (898)

Supervisual Installation (903)

The Black Dragon War (944-949)

The Severing (967-971)