Isithrarith Anioth
Biographical Description
Race (Elvish) Halfling
Gender Female
Age 22
Status Alive
Halfling Ability Render
Birthdate February 4, 1105
Country Albon
Physical Description
Hair Blonde/Golden-blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadows (current)
Kedearien (current)
Ambassador of Albon (former)
Courtier of Rakshaan (former)
Guardian Foedric (l'laine)
Active Kedearien
Personal Status
Relatives Miliken Tyler (adopted father)
Jarek Stanimir (ex-fiancé †)
Rissa (Luna) Stanimir (daughter †)
Riol Anioth (father †)
Saradi Anioth (mother †)
Cendel Anioth (brother-status unknown)
Ferian Anioth (brother †)
Anadriemir Anioth (sister-status unknown)
Elion Anioth (brother-status unknown)
Weapon of Choice
Knives 2 Magicked Daggers