Aasha Fallain
Aasha Fallain
Biographical Description
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Hafling Ability Electricity
Birthdate September 9, 1111
Country Kedearien
Physical Description
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Bright blue
Height 5'4"
Professional Status
Affiliation Shavka/Ring Fighter (temporary/former)
Thendor (current)
Active Kedearien
Personal Status
Relatives Allen Fallain (father)
Caroline Fallain (mother †)
Vivianne Fallain (step-mother)
Liam (Lee) Fallain (half-brother; status unknown)
Maisie Fallain (half-sister)
Josiah Fallain (half-brother)
Frederick Fallain (half-brother)
Lynette Fallain (half-sister)
Hanna Fallain (half-sister)
Weapon of Choice
Knives Throwing Knives


Aasha has long, wavy, and very pretty blonde hair, with darker highlights underneath the blonde, that falls down to the middle of her back, and blue eyes, rimmed with gold around the pupil. Whenever Aasha uses her Halfling powers of electricity, her eyes glow a bright and eerie ghostly blue color. She's just a little bit shorter than average height, and has slender build, but that doesn't make Aasha any less tough or strong. To her, size doesn't matter, and even the most imposing people put there Aasha isn't the least bit intimidated by. 


When you first meet Aasha, she's very stubborn and sarcastic, and when you get to know her better, she still is stubborn and sarcastic, but she's also very loyal and loving. Because of where she grew up, in Eribank, Kedearien, the heartland of all the persecution again Halflings like herself, Aasha's learned to develop a some what of a tough exterior. She kept her powers of electricity a secret for the past sixteen years of her life, because if she didn't, those with a burning hatred against Halflings would've killed her. Having to harbor a secret like that for so long has made Aasha very suspicious of people. But ever since she and Dane found Kenson Rasan and the other members of the Thendor group, Aasha's began making friends with them and opening up to the new people. Despite being suspicious, Aasha loves fiercely and deeply, and she'd do absolutely anything for the people she considers friends or family. 


Throwing Knives


Shavka Ring Fighter

Meeting Dane Arbor

Kenson Rasan and the Thendor group



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